IVECO Bus Parts

IVECO (Iris) bus is one of the leading European manufacturers in the passenger transport sector and is steadily expanding its activities worldwide with annual sales of approximately 8,000 units in more than 40 countries. This result has been achieved through continuous investment in research and development and the use of advanced production technologies.

IVECO bus offers a complete range of vehicles for passenger transport: coaches for short and long distance touring, buses for city and intercity transport and minibuses. Irisbus was founded in January 1999 by an alliance between IVECO and Renault V.I. who decided to join forces in public transport by merging their respective bus activities. Since the beginning of 2003, the company has been 100% owned by IVECO Group. Today, the bus division continues under the name “IVECO bus”.

One of the features that sets IVECO bus apart is its testing approach, which has been carried out for years in close collaboration with public transport operators on alternative fuels and new vehicle concepts, with a particular emphasis on the impact on the environment , passenger comfort and operating costs. .

In 2010, the company expanded its Citelis range, a leader in the European urban vehicle market, with a production hybrid model, available in both 12 and 18 meter versions, with a generator powered by a smaller 6 meter. cylinder EEV compliant IVECO Tector engine complete with Stop & amp; Start.

We supply all parts for the entire IVECO (Iris) bus range.
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