Our specialty is of course the complete range of IVECO parts. We have a daily delivery of spare parts in all our workshops and warehouses in the Netherlands.

We have a lot of knowledge and expertise in the minds of every mechanic, logistics and sales employee within Schouten. That’s why we always fully support the use of genuine IVECO parts for everything with the familiar IVECO logo.

Origin 100% IVECO Parts

Image Origin 100% IVECO banner

100% selection – the excellence of the parts supply process starts with the raw materials used to assemble each IVECO product, selected according to the highest quality standards.

100% reliability – IVECO only selects parts suppliers who guarantee the highest levels of quality and certified production processes.

100% Safety – Certified and Guaranteed, Origin 100% IVECO Parts provide long-term performance and help maintain the value of your vehicle.

100% control – All IVECO products and services undergo rigorous quality control testing at every stage of the process.

100% & Customer Satisfaction – A quality process that has only one goal: to make IVECO customers 100% satisfied.

Only the IVECO dealer network is able to keep your vehicle performing optimally at all times. For this reason, Origin has been marketed 100% IVECO to reinforce our commitment to our customers.

Origin 100% IVECO is specially designed to:

  • Guarantee of first-class customer service that always meets customers’ needs
  • Manufacture of genuine IVECO parts through a continuous program of research and development, using only the best products from leading suppliers are selected
  • Products and services of excellent quality, customer service and professionalism: IVECO Customer Service responds to the needs of customers with skill and dedication and maintains their investment in perfect working order over time – something that only the original manufacturer can provide.

NEXPRO parts

Afbeelding Nexpro by IVECO banner

In addition to the above OE parts from IVECO, IVECO also has NEXPRO, the second product line for older vehicles, which allows you to replace the parts of your IVECO vehicle at competitive prices, while retaining the premium service of IVECO certified workshops.

NEXPRO by IVECO offers you:

  • IVECO certified and reliable parts
  • Competitive prices and long-term savings
  • IVECO knowledge and support on the same line as the original parts


Image IVECO Reman parts banner

IVECO Reman continuously applies improvements to outperform the competition. In our remanufacture process, defective parts are examined, reconditioned and tested to original specifications.

IVECO Reman products have quality guarantees built into every process and same-as-new warranties, giving customers true peace of mind.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about these products or services.