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About Schouten Truck Parts

Schouten Truck Parts stands for quality and speed. We sell new parts over the whole world. We have a large stock and quick delivery.

Our brands

IVECO Parts logo Schouten Truck Parts

Our specialty is of course the complete range of IVECO parts. We have a daily delivery of spare parts in all our workshops and warehouses in the Netherlands. We have a lot of knowledge and expertise i…

ASTRA logo Schouten Truck Parts

ASTRA is synonymous worldwide with endurance and reliability. Neither African roads nor the most challenging desert conditions can hold back ASTRA vehicles whose safety performance and productivity se…

IVECO Bus logo Schouten Truck Parts
IVECO Bus Parts

IVECO (Iris) bus is one of the leading European manufacturers in the passenger transport sector and is steadily expanding its activities worldwide with annual sales of approximately 8,000 units in mor…

Fiat Professional logo Schouten Parts
Fiat Professional Parts

The IVECO Schouten group is an official dealer of Fiat Professional Parts and Service.We have authorized workshops in Central and South in the Netherlands.In this region Fiat is also a well-known play…

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