Schouten Truck Parts is an independent parts company. We deliver new parts for commercial vehicles and trucks worldwide. Are you looking for IVECO, IVECO (Iris-) bus, Astra and Fiat Professional products? Then you have come to the right place!

One of our greatest strengths is our commitment to stocking a comprehensive range of parts. We do this for all new and previous models. We can deliver every part, like brake discs, brake pads, gear box parts, headlights, starters, alternators, clutch kits, exhausts, silencers, compressors, injectors, wheel bearings, oil seals, oil pumps, etc.

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Fiat Professional Parts

The IVECO Schouten group is an official dealer of Fiat Professional Parts and Service.We have author…

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ASTRA is synonymous worldwide with endurance and reliability. Neither African roads nor the most cha…

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IVECO Bus Parts

IVECO (Iris) bus is one of the leading European manufacturers in the passenger transport sector and …

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Our specialty is of course the complete range of IVECO parts. We have a daily delivery of spare part…